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Nederlandse tijdschriften

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> de Box Set bevat de volgende nummers:
> cd 1) - "Strutter" (demo), "Deuce" (demo), "Keep Me Waiting" (Wicked
> Lester), "She" (Wicked Lester), "Love Her All I Can" (Wicked Lester), "Let
> Me Know" (Bell Sound Studios demo), "100,000 Years" (Bell Sound Studios
> demo), "Stop, Look To Listen" (1968 Paul Stanley demo), "Leeta" (1969 Gene
> Simmons demo), "Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll" (Bell Sound Studios demo),
> "Acrobat" (live at the Daisy), "Firehouse" (Bell Sound Studios demo), and
> the album tracks "Nothin' To Lose," "Black Diamond," "Hotter Than Hell,"
> "Strange Ways," "Parasite," "Goin' Blind," "Anything For My Baby," "Ladies
> In Waiting," and "Rock And Roll All Nite."

> cd 2) - live sessions of "C'mon And Love Me Live," "Rock Bottom," "Cold
> Gin," and "Watchin' You," "Doncha Hesitate" (demo), "Mad Dog" (demo), "God
> Of Thunder" (demo), "Great Expectations," "Beth," "Do You Love Me," "Bad,
> Bad Lovin'" (demo, an early version of "Calling Dr. Love"), "Calling Dr.
> Love," "Mr. Speed" (demo), "Christine Sixteen," "Hard Luck Woman," "Shock
> Me," "I Stole Your Love," "I Want You" (recorded at a soundcheck), "Love
> Gun" (demo), and "Love Is Blind" (demo).

> CD 3) - "Detroit Rock City," "King Of The Night Time World" (live),
> "Larger Than Life," "Rocket Ride," "Tonight You Belong To Me," "New York
> Groove," "Radioactive" (demo), "Don't You Let Me Down," "I Was Made For
> Lovin' You," "Sure Know Something," "Shandi," "You're All That I Want,
> You're All That I Need" (demo), "Talk To Me" (live), "A World Without
> Heroes," "The Oath," "Nowhere To Run," "Creatures Of The Night," "War
> Machine," and "I Love It Loud."

> CD 4) - "Lick It Up," "All Hell's Breaking Loose," "Heaven's On Fire,"
> "Get All You Can Take," "Thrills In The Night," "Tears Are Falling," "Uh!
> All Night," "Time Traveller" (demo), "Hell Or High Water," "Crazy, Crazy
> Nights," "Reason To Live," "Let's Put The X In Sex," "Hide Your Heart,"
> "Ain't That Peculiar" (demo)," "Silver Spoon," and "Forever" (single
> version).

> Cd 5)- "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II," "Unholy," "Domino" (demo),
> "Every Time I Look At You," "Comin' Home" (live, from Unplugged), "Got To
> Choose" (live, from Unplugged), "I Still Love You" (live, from Unplugged),
> "Nothin' To Lose" (live, from Unplugged), "Childhood's End" (with coda),
> Will Be There," "Psycho Circus," "Into The Void," "Within," "I Pledge
> Allegiance To The State Of Rock & Roll," "Nothing Can Keep Me From You,"
> "It's My Life" (original version), "Shout It Out Loud" (live), and "Rock
And> Roll All Night"

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Nederland Digitaal Bannerexchange
Nederland Digitaal Bannerexchange

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